Snake Exterminator

Oklahoma City snake

When it comes to getting rid of snakes on your property, it is not actually as necessary as you may think. There are only a handful of venomous snakes that live in the United States and they are not likely to be on your property. In most cases, you can actually just leave a snake on your property alone and let it reduce the population of other pests. If you do want it gone, opt for a removal professional instead of someone marketing themselves as just an exterminator as they will have non-lethal methods up their sleeves.

What To Know About Killing Snakes
Before you decide to go ahead and kill a snake, keep in mind that nearly every instance of someone being bitten by a snake took place when they were trying to kill the serpent. Snakes do not typically attack people unless provoked and nearly every snake you spot is not only harmless, but actually beneficial. You may spot a lethal snap trap for snakes, but these do not typically catch the serpents on the heads and kill them instantly. Instead, the snake gets caught and suffers. Other types of traps pose similar problems.

Trap And Remove
If you do not want snakes on your property despite them posing no danger, your best option is to hire a wildlife removal professional. They will use a live trap to catch the snake and then relocate it to another area that is far enough from your home that this animal will not return. You could also buy a snake trap yourself. Just keep in mind that snake traps tend to work best inside since other animals are likely to get caught if you place it outdoors. Because of this, it is best to leave the snake trapping to the professionals.

Prevent Snakes
The ideal situation is one in which you do not even need to hire someone to get rid of the snakes for you. Start by getting rid of hiding spots that the snakes like, such as rock piles, wood piles, heavy brush, and overgrown hedges. To make sure snakes do not get inside your home, seal up any small gaps underneath your doors or by your windows. Do not count on a snake repellent or ultrasonic sound emitter working; they will not produce results. Overall, ensure that you seal up every entrance into your home and you will keep out snakes as well as other nuisance wildlife, preventing the need for any exterminator. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Oklahoma City